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Museum Teddy Bears

Museum Teddy Bears

 Museum Teddy Bears

By Some of Our Many Bear Correspondents


'It's pleasant being a museum bear. There are always lots of people wanting to give you cuddles and people are always pleased to see you. I've lived in the museum for over two years. My owner died and her daughter wanted me to go somewhere where lots of people would be able to enjoy my company and I'd be loved so I have started to help the curators out with the schools who come to visit the museum.

I was bought at Hamleys Toy Shop in London on the day the Second World War broke out. My owner's father wanted me to look after her while he was away fighting. She was evacuated to Worthing and eventually came to live here where she married and had a family'.

Teddy Bear Williams

'I went out to a school last week. The children were all very excited. They jumped and ran to look at us bears. They were very new to school. It was their first term.

My friends and I are not so new and I've been very 'loved' over the years. One of the museum staff made me a natty pair of trousers and a scarf to protect me from the cold (and stop some of my bare bits becoming more worn if anyone holds me) but I think I'll have to stop soon and join the other old bears living in a case. I'm worried about my joints feeling loose. I'm nearly ninety years old which is a pretty good age for a bear.

I hope some of the children will still come to see me when I retire from teaching'


I'm a Steiff bear. You can tell that because I have a small metal button tucked inside my ear. I used to belong to one of the curators, Mr Norwood. One of the museum's art galleries is named after him. I miss him. I used to be able to ride in his pockets but I like it that I can live here in the museum he worked at. I live in the stores with Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Tinkywinky, and Winnie the Pooh. Some of the curators who work here now have bear friends (and elephants and sheep too) so I have lots of animals to keep me company.