Worthing Museum & Art Gallery



Do I book through the website?

Bookings are not made through the website.

Bookings are made by either emailing the Museum coast-ed@adur-worthing.gov.uk or telephoning 01903 221136 to speak to a member of the CoastEd Team.

Can I book more than one loan box/workshop/outreach session at a time?

Yes, you can book as many Workshops or Loan Boxes as you wish subject to availability.


When do I pay?

For loan boxes we would prefer payment to be made prior to collection.

For Museum based Workshops and Outreach visits payment will be made after the visit by Invoicing the School. Calculations are made depending on how many children attended the workshop on the day

What are the alternative payment methods?

All payments must be paid through Worthing Museum and Art Gallery as this is where the budget is held (all income will go directly back into the project to cover staffing and resource costs).

You can pay with a credit card over the phone (01903 221448), or in person at reception where you can also pay by cash.

We can send you an invoice for bookings over £50.01 (see below).

Can we be invoiced for our booking?

Certainly, for amounts over £50.01. Due to council regulations we are no longer able to issue invoices for less than this amount.

If your booking total comes to less than £50.01 we can round it up to this for invoicing purposes or you can use an alternative payment method.

Loan Boxes

Is it possible to be flexible with the date of pick up/drop off?

Possibly, we are taking bookings on a Saturday to Saturday basis in the first instance. If we don't have another booking directly before or after your booking we can look at pick up/collection dates closer to the time by prior arrangement.

How much does a loan box cost?

You can borrow a loan box for £10 a week, Saturday to Saturday.

How long can I borrow a loan box for?

We ask that you borrow a loan box for a maximum of one half term in the first instance to give other schools the opportunity to use the resources. If you would like to continue to use it after the half-term, we can look at extending the loan if the box has not been requested by another school at that point.

Do I have to collect a loan box from the museum that it is listed under?

Yes, unfortunately we do not have time to transfer boxes between museums in the case of consecutive bookings. It would also prove difficult to keep track of where all of the boxes are if we moved them from their home location and to keep track of each museum's loan out process.

Museum Workshops

Are the timings for visits fixed or can we arrive earlier/leave later etc.?

We will try to be as flexible as possible with timings. If you have any particular requests please call us at the Museum. You can also adjust timings at the booking confirmation stage - we will email you full details of the day including any timing revisions.

Do I have to book a whole day visit?

No, you can choose from an hour session, a half day (morning of an hour before and after lunch) or a full day visit.

How many children can I bring on one day?

This depends on the venue and activity that you will be doing. All of the workshops are designed for a class of c.30 pupils to take part in. If you would like to bring groups with larger numbers, we may have to make small adaptations so that we can run workshops simultaneously in the galleries and education spaces. We will happily discuss this with you on enquiry.

Outreach Sessions

Can you fit the outreach sessions into our school day?

Yes we will try to. 

How much will travel costs be for outreach sessions?

We will charge up to £0.65 per mile based on Worthing Borough Council's car mileage scheme.