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Isolation Chamber Vacation
15 April 2017 to 2 September 2017 - Saturday 15 April to Saturday 2 September 2017

Location: Art Gallery
Contact:  The subject of ‘aloneness’ explored through film, photography, installation, painting and drawing

Event, Exhibition

The subject of ‘aloneness’ explored through film, photography, installation, painting and drawing Coordinated by Sarah Kathryn Cleaver, including work by Kirsty Buchanan, Juno Calypso, Hannah Ford, Nicola Frimpong, Susie Hamilton, Katerina Jebb, Cathy Lomax, and Alli Sharma.

Talks are followed by a film screening at Connaught Cinema.

Talks: Artists from the exhibition will host a panel discussion exploring cultural representations of solitude represented in the exhibition Isolation Chamber Vacation.

Film: screenings at Connaught Cinema as part of ISOLATION CHAMBER VACATION at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery.

Available as Film Only or with MUSEUM EVENT.
Ticket for Museum Event, film and Glass of Wine – £15.
Film only Ticket – Standard Pricing.

The museum event will start at 7pm at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery with a curated talk and glass of wine. The film screening will start at 8.30pm. Please buy a ticket that includes ‘MUSEUM EVENT’ if you wish to attend the Museum talk.

Talk + Film
Monday 22 May 
The Elephant Man (PG) 8.30pm - https://worthingtheatres.co.uk/the-elephant-man-pg/
Film: David Lynch’s classic film starring John Hurt as a disfigured man who is mistreated and scrapes a living as a side-show freak. Yet behind his monstrous facade lies a person of intelligence, sensitivity and intense loneliness.
Talk + Film 
Monday 26 June 
The Man Who Fell to Earth (18) 8.30pm https://worthingtheatres.co.uk/the-man-who-fell-to-earth-18/
Film: David Bowie stars as a humanoid alien who comes alone to earth to retrieve water for his dying planet. Nic Roeg's classic film covers the theme of isolation with a stunning stark performance by David Bowie.

Talk + Film 
Monday 24 July
Under the Skin (15) 8.30pm https://worthingtheatres.co.uk/under-the-skin-15/
Film: Jonathan Glazer directs this visually startling sci-fi starrin Scarlett Johansson as a mysterious woman cruising around Glasgow picking up isolated strangers for bizarre reasons.

Talk + Film
Monday 21 August 
The Virgin Suicides (15) 8.30pm https://worthingtheatres.co.uk/the-virgin-suicides-15/
Film: Sofia Coppola directs Kirsten Dunst in this emotionally affecting drama about a group of young girls who are sheltered from the rest of the world by their strict parents.

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