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Inspired by the Downs
19 August 2017 to 28 October 2017 - Saturday 19th August to Saturday 28th October

Location: Art Gallery
Contact:  Worthing Museum and Art Gallery

Event, Exhibition

The great chalk South Downs are so much more than a collection of local beauty spots. They frame our everyday lives, quietly dominating the skyline. For thousands of years people called them home, and we know archaeologically that there is a palimpsest of ancient farms, forts and settlements scattered across the whole range. In the middle-ages, cultural and economic pressures changed the landscape into one of sheep and shepherds. Thanks to these unassuming creatures, it was only in the last century that the grasslands have been scarred through intensive modern ploughing, the great rolling ocean of green destroyed, along with much evidence of our shared past. This itself is just another chapter in the long history of these chalk hills and perhaps in the future the humble sheep will dominate the coombes and scarps once more.

The exhibition will be punctuated with landscapes from WMA’s Fine Art collection depicting some treasured beauty spots. 

Saturday 19th August to Saturday 28th October

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