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12 October 2017 to 7 December 2017 - Thursday 12th October to Thursday 7th December

Location: Art Gallery
Contact:  Worthing Museum and Art Gallery

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Sussex in the Stone Age - From Mammoths to Monuments
Thursday 12th October
An in-depth talk on the early prehistory of Sussex, looking at the early hominids that called this area home some 400,000 years ago, the great woolly mammoths of the last ice age and through to the building and flint mining activities of modern humans. We will also look at the great local archaeologist John Henry Pull, who excavated significant Neolithic material from the Downs just north of Worthing.

Bronze Age Worthing - Barrows, Beakers and Hoards
Thursday 19th October
Worthing was a very busy place during the Bronze Age and this talk will look at the beautiful metal hoards found locally as well as the farms and boundaries that lay beneath our feet. A number of hoards and other material will be available to handle after the talk.

Cissbury Ring and Worthing’s Iron Age
Thursday 26th October Cissbury ring is the largest jewel in Worthing’s crown. The second-largest hill fort in Britain, Cissbury has fascinated people for centuries. In this talk we will unravel the mysteries of the site and look at how the local landscape, and society, changed during the Iron Age.

Roman Sussex - Legions, Roads and Villas
Thursday 9th November The Romans conquered and ruled much of Europe and beyond for centuries - Sussex was no exception. However, were these people truly invaders or were they invited? This talk will cover all aspects of Roman rule in Sussex, from the building of roads, temples and villas, to the military garrisons along the coast. We will have a particularly large amount of material available for handling after this talk, including part of the famous Patching hoard! 

Saxon Worthing and the Kingdom of the South Saxons
Thursday 16th November
The enigmatic Saxons came to Sussex at the fall of the Roman Empire, or perhaps even earlier. The nationally important cemetery at Highdown Hill helps us illuminate these people, their beautiful jewellery and deadly weaponry, but who were they really? Mercenaries, invaders, settlers or all three?

Norman Sussex - Conquest, Castles and Towns
Thursday 23rd November
We all know that William the Conqueror beat King Harold at Hastings – but what happened in Sussex afterwards? This talk will look at the huge changes wrought upon the county by the incoming Normans, the construction of castles, the growth of towns and the beginnings of modern England.

The Coming of the Railways
Thursday 30th November
The coming of the railways transformed not only seaside resorts like Worthing, but the very fabric of society itself. The first train to pull into the town heralded the beginnings of the modern era, not least the substantial growth of Worthing as both a resort and a town. This talk will look at the changes brought by the arrival of the steam train, with the subsequent increase in wealth and population that followed.

Photographic History of Worthing
Thursday 7th December
Join us for the last in the series of talks, looking at the modern history of Worthing through our photographic collection. Ranging from the 1860s up to the early 1990s, a huge range of photographs will be on display on the big screen, with explanations and the history of local sites explained.

The vast majority of the material on show will not have been shown to the public before so this is a real chance to see Worthing as you’ve never seen before! 

£7.50 per talk, or book all eight and get two free!
All talks to be held on Thursday evenings 6.30pm - 8.30pm. Object handling included!

Coffee, tea and wine included, plus the whole museum will be open for ticket-holders to explore from 6pm. To book a talk or walk please contact 01903 221 448 or email museum@adur-worthing.gov.uk 

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