Worthing Museum & Art Gallery

How to apply for an exhibition

Each year Worthing Museum and Art Gallery offers an exciting range of exhibitions to the public. Some of these are travelling exhibitions, some are developed by the museum team and the majority are exhibitions by individual artists, crafts people, schools, and community groups. We try to ensure that the local groups who apply have a chance to exhibit at least once every five years.

The Museum and Art Gallery programmes temporary exhibition schedules 12 to 18 months in advance of mounting any exhibition. We offer up to eleven public exhibition slots (there are three for the external sculpture garden and four for each of the Studio and Art Galleries available each year). These are in addition to the exhibitions the Museum team delivers including a programme of displays from the permanent collections for the Norwood Gallery and external locations including Worthing Crematorium, Portland House, Worthing Town Hall, Beach House Park and (coming soon) we are also committed to helping at the New St Barnabas Hospice.

During the year we receive a large number of suggestions from artists as far apart as Romania, France and Scotland as well as across the South East and also from the public about possible future exhibitions. The Museum team meet several times over the summer every year to consider all the suggestions and ensure we have a balanced programme that will hopefully appeal to the widest cross section of our many audiences. There are always more suggestions than we can possibly accommodate and the team have to make many difficult decisions about who we are able to support.

As a publically-funded organisation we do not charge exhibitors for basic services to mount an exhibition however there may be additional charges for additional marketing and events, unusual installations and we do charge commission on every work which is sold. This enables us to continue to support community exhibitions and young artists who are yet to become established.

If you wish to exhibit at the museum or have a suggestion please write to the museum C/O The Exhibitions Team with your idea giving as much information as possible. We will consider any and all serious proposals. Photographs of the work may help the team understand what you have in mind. Do not send original artworks or your only copy of images

Artists and crafts people should include details of the concept, and medium and consideration of the potential audience. We prefer exhibition proposals to have a definite theme. Previous historical exhibitions have considered the history of funerals, childhood, 18th and 19th Century costume, and archaeology. Art Exhibitions have covered many themes including recycling, witchcraft, lace, Worthing, the built environment, retrospectives of established artists and a look at new talent, and have involved a variety of media including, photography, oils, watercolours, mixed media, work in glass, sculpture in stone, metals including bronze, ceramics, jewellery, and embroidery and quilting.