Schooled at Slade

 The Pond by Spencer Gore

Saturday 8th September 2018 to Saturday 6 April 2019

Since its foundation in 1871 by visionary philanthropist and collector Felix Slade, the Slade School of Art has been a leading influence in the education of students of contemporary fine art. With a world leading reputation, the Slade makes a significant contribution to the field of contemporary art both nationally and internationally.

Schooled At Slade explores the fascinating work of some of the early teachers at the school, and the impact they had on their students. The museum holds a variety of their works, some familiar but others less often shown to the public, until now.

In this exhibition WMA examine the way teaching has directed the creativity of the students over the many years, influencing significant developments in the field of contemporary art, particularly in view of the remarkable talents that flowed through the doors of Slade in those early years.

Schooled at Slade is guest-curated by volunteer Janet Green who has been photographing the fine art collection, and in particular those parts of the collection held in store. This exhibition brings together paintings, drawings, prints and archive material of those teachers who made such a mark on the world of art and their gifted students in the context of the turbulent first half of the twentieth century.