Join In And Say Thank You: WW1 Stories

Say ‘thank you’ to the generation who shaped our world.  Be part of a special film and share stories about WW1.

100 years ago the guns fell silent on the first truly global war. It was a war that cost millions of lives – and shaped the future of our world forever. This year you can do your part to show your gratitude to the generation who served, sacrificed and made Britain what it is today.

To commemorate the final year of the World War One centenary, Worthing Museum and Art Gallery join forces with the Royal British Legion in inviting the public to take part and say ‘Thank You’ to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world 100 years ago. The movement’s campaign calls on the public  to remember those who lost their lives and express gratitude to those who gave themselves to the war and rebuilt a nation from its darkest hour.

How to be heard

We are working on a special campaign and film, which gives you the local residents of Sussex to share your stories on WW1 and to join in to say Thank You to your ancestors who served so honourably.

The museum will hold open invites for members of the public to drop into the museum every Thursday between 10.00am – 12.00pm. starting from 5th July 2018 until 16 August 2018. Here we’ll be capturing on camera short snippets of your thank you stories. We encourage you to bring any memorabilia you want to share. 

If you would like more information about this event, please email: