Blossoming displays exhibited at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery this September

NEWS RELEASE – 16/8/2017
Blossoming displays exhibited at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery this September

Worthing Museum & Art Gallery is well known for having a wide collection of historical items, paintings, drawings, ceramics, costumes and textiles in their storages, and next month a new art exhibition titled Collections in Bloom will flourish on display in the main gallery from 16 September to 31 March, celebrating floral expression within the collections.

The exhibition will be an indulgent display of items cherry-picked from across the collections that have taken inspiration simply from flowers. The selection ranges from the most important and significant pieces to the unusual and bizarre. The eclectic display will not only celebrate the endless wealth of inspiration that artists and craftspeople have taken from flowers, but it also highlights the diversity within the museum’s collection.

Emma Walder, Art Curator at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery says “The key focus around this exhibition is that we are using our various collections to illustrate how artists and designers have used floral forms for artistic inspiration in their work. There is a lot of this representation already on display in the costume collection as fabrics have always taken a lot of inspiration from natural forms, but the fine art collection is observing it from a new perspective, looking at paintings where there might just be a small detail of a flower painted in one area and looking at why it was put there and its potential symbolism and meaning. It will be uplifting to see this vibrant and colourful exhibition on display throughout the autumn and winter seasons.”

For more information on Collections in Bloom visit or call the museum on 01903 221 448.